High Voltage Inverter Housing with Ultrasint PA6

  • Functional prototype of high voltage inverter housing for e-mobility
  • Electromagnetic shielding is required
  • Replacement of a heavy aluminum part with a lighter plastic part with the same functionality
  • Ultrasint PA6 MF as a perfect match for prototypes of final series parts 
  • Application of thin metallic coating to block electromagnetic radiation – PA6 was the only material tested to survive the Metallization process
  • > 50% weight reduction

All Ultrasint PA6 grades have in common that they show high modulus, high strength, and excellent thermal distortion stability. These properties ensure precise feature control, excellent mechanical properties, and simple surface reprocessing of 3D-printed parts.

Ultrasint PA6 MF black contains a mineral reinforcement. In contrast to simple dry blends, the reinforcement is embedded within the particles, leading to improved powder homogeneity, better spreading, and easier recycling. Tensile and flexural modulus, as well as impact strength, are significantly higher compared to unfilled material. Ultrasint PA6 MF black, therefore, lends itself for applications where high stiffness and high strength are the most important requirements – material suitable for parts with demanding mechanical property combinations.

Typical applications are:
  • Engine compartment parts
  • Media flow & storage parts (i.e. oil)
  • Housings & covers
  • Tooling equipment & molds
Benefits at a glance:
  • Exceptionally high strength and rigidity
  • Media tightness as printed
  • Very high HDTs
  • In-particle reinforcement technology
  • Color: Black

The Data Sheet for Ultrasint PA6 MF Black.

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