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The Midwest Prototyping Team

On our team, you’ll find some of the best and the brightest. Above all, we are committed to a premium customer experience. Each individual that makes up a member of our team is as unique as the services and technologies that we offer. We have a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise that ensure we have the necessary knowledge and skills to get the job done right.

Trent Appleby

Judah Balli

Danielle Bartow

Nikki Biddinger

Chris Bjorge

Ben Bollig

Suzanne Brasure Schmitt

Austin Butler

Drew Christensen

Ron Clemons 

Isaac D.

Ben DeGrave

Leo Duffy

Dan Dull

Keenan Finucan

Tomm Godiska

Steve Grundahl

Suzi Grundahl

Dave Hefta

Bill Isermann

Alfredo Jijon

Jason Kopras

Cheryl Kotlowski

Laura Mason

Owen McCann

Toan Nguyen

Drew Overley

Thomas Pecora

Tyler Ravet

Dave Scarano

Travis Schulenberg

Nate Schumacher

Chris Sigler

Doug Steinberg

Courtney Sullivan

Jim Wise

Megan Woolcock

Mitch Ziegler

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