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S-PRO Engineering​


S-PRO Engineering is a high-quality resin formulated explicitly for additive manufacturing applications. This resin is perfect for creating both prototypes and functional end-use parts that require high-performance components. S-PRO Engineering is known for its exceptional toughness, impact, fracture resistance, and high-resolution capabilities. Furthermore, the resin exhibits minimal shrinkage, making it ideal for creating precise and intricate designs. With S-PRO Engineering, you can achieve outstanding results with your 3D printing projects, even for the most demanding applications.


  • Enclosures
  • Jigs and Fixtures
  • Mechanical Parts
  • Tooling

Key Characteristics

  • Grey
  • High Detail/High Resolution


Material Manufacturer: Spot-A

Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


Hybrid PhotoSynthesis

Max Build Area

9.5 x 5.25 x 19.25 in

Lead Time

3 – 5 Days


± 0.005 in for the first inch
± 0.0015 in for each additional inch

Layer Thickness

Standard Resolution: 0.004 in
Fine Resolution: 0.002 in  

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