HP PA 12


Nylon 12 (thermoplastic) is chemically resistant to alkalies, aliphatic hydrocarbons, greases, and oils and is ideal for complex assemblies, enclosures, housings, and watertight applications.  It also carries biocompatibility certifications ( USP Class I-VI and US FDA guidance for Intact Skin Surface Devices).

Key Characteristics


Chemical Resistant  •  Good for Snap Fits  •  Heat Resistant  •  High Strength

Impact Resistant  •  Rigid  •  UV Stability

Biocompatible – Please notify us of any biocompatibility needs.


  • Consumer Products
  • Medical
  • Cases, eye frames, game controllers
  • Prosthetics

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength

6,960 psi XY

Tensile Modulus

247 ksi XY

Elongation at Break

20% XY

Flexural Strength

9,425 psi XY

Flexural Modulus

251 ksi XY

Heat Deflection at 264 psi

203º F XY


Material Manufacturer: HP

Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


Multi Jet Fusion

Max Build Area

14.96 x 11.18 x 14.96 in

Lead Time

1 – 3 Days 


First inch ±.005 in

Additional inch ± .002 in

Are you ready to get a quote?

Multi Jet Fusion Design Considerations



Supported Walls

.02 in

Unsupported Walls

Supports not required

Supports & Overhangs

Supports not required 

Embossing & Engraving

Width: .04 in, Height/Depth: .04 in

Horizontal Spans

Supports not required

Holes & Openings

.02 in

Connecting & Moving Parts

Moving: .012 in, Connecting: .006 in

Escape Holes

.04 in

Minimum Features

.03 in

Pin Diameter

.03 in


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