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HTN-CF25 (high-temperature nylon) is polyamide-based material with a 25% carbon fiber reinforced core that has high strength and rigidity.

HTN-CF25 is designed for tooling applications, high-strength/stiffness jigs and fixtures, and as a replacement for light-duty aluminum parts.

Mechanical Specifications


Tensile Modulus:

2,269,841 – 2,371,367 psi

Ultimate Tensile Strength:

20,885 – 22,046 psi

Strain at Break:

1.3 – 1.5%

Flexural Modulus:

1,580,911 – 1,725,949 psi

Flexural Strength:

25,962 -27,412 psi

HDT A @ 1.8 MPa (°F):


*YX and ZX Data Sheet.


  • Tooling
  • Jigs and Fixtures
  • End-Use Parts
  • Replacement of light-duty aluminum parts


Material Manufacturer: Essentium

Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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