Flame Retardant Nylon 11


FR-106 is the only commercially available fire retardant nylon 11 material that meets the FAR 25.853 60 second burn specification.

FR-106 maintains it’s mechanical properties on top of having high levels of fire retardancy and has been approved for aerospace applications.

Mechanical Specifications

Tensile Modulus (xy):

202,000 psi

Elongation at Break:


Flexural Modulus (xy):

195,000 psi

Heat Deflection at 1.82 MPa/264 psi:



  • Automotive and aerospace production
  • Housing and enclosure assemblies
  • Complex, thin-wall geometries requiring strength and accuracy
  • Ideal for low-volume to mid-volume production applications


Material Manufacturer: alm (EOS)

Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Key Characteristics

  • White
  • Flame Retardant
  • Heat Resistant
  • Rigid

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