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EPU 40

Elastomeric Polyurethane


EPU 40 is a high-performance polyurethane elastomer that is a good choice for applications where high elasticity and tear resistance are needed.

Key Characteristics


Elastomeric  •  Impact Resistant  •  Chemical Resistant

Biocompatible – Please notify us of any biocompatibility needs. 


  • Consumer Products
  •  Industrial 
  • Cushioning, Seals, Gaskets, Foam Replacement, and Shock Absorption.

Mechanical Properties

General Accuracy

± .003 in + .010 in/in

Production Repeatability (95% of points)

± .003 in

Tensile Strength

1,300 psi

Tensile Modulus

1,200 psi

Elongation at Break



Material Manufacturer: Carbon

Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


Digital Light Processing

Max Build Area

7.4 x 4.6 x 12.8 in

Lead Time

1 – 2 Days

Layer Thickness
  • Standard Resolution: .004 in
  • Fine Resolution: .002 in
  • Ultra Fine Resolution: .001 in

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Digital Light Processing Design Considerations



Supported Walls

.008 in (rigid) 

.04 in (flexible) 

Unsupported Walls

.012 in (rigid) 

.098 (flexible) 

Supports & Overhangs

25 degrees (rigid) 

45 degrees (flexible) 

Embossing & Engraving

Width: .008 in (rigid) and .035 in (flexible) 

Height/Depth: .004 in (rigid) and .02 in (flexible) 

Horizontal Spans

.12 in (rigid) 

.04 in (flexible) 

Holes & Openings

.12 in (rigid) 

.04 in (flexible) 

Connecting & Moving Parts

.12 in (rigid) 

.04 in (flexible) 

Escape Holes

.04 in

Minimum Features

.004 in (rigid) 

.04 in (flexible) 

Pin Diameter

.004 in (rigid) 

.04 in (flexible) 

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