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Accura® SL 5530


Accura® SL 5530 is a transparent high-temperature polycarbonate-like material that can withstand water and solvents. This material would be ideal for automotive and industrial testing, such as engine component testing, wind tunnel testing, and lighting fixture testing.

Key Characteristics

  • Translucent Amber
  • Amber with Thermal Post Cure

Chemical Resistant  |  Heat Resistant ​ |  High Detail/High Resolution

High Strength  |  Moisture Resistant  |  Rigid


  • Automotive Testing Components
  • HVAC component testing
  • Intake manifold testing
  • Wind tunnel testing
  • Lighting fixtures testing 
  • High-temperature RTV molding
  • Fluid flow visualization

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength

8702 psi

Tensile Modulus

434 ksi

Elongation at Break


Flexural Strength

16,607 psi

Flexural Modulus

462 ksi

Heat Deflection at 264 psi

133° F


Material Manufacturer: 3D Systems

Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Max Build Area

31 x 31 x 23 in

Lead Time

1 – 2 Days


First inch ± .005 in

Additional inches ± .0015 in 

Layer Thickness

Normal resolution .004 in

Minimum feature .012 in

High-resolution .002 in

Minimum feature .006 in 

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Stereolithography Design Considerations



Supported Walls

.02 in

Unsupported Walls

.04 in

Supports & Overhangs

Base Support Otherwise 45 Degrees

Embossing & Engraving

Width: .016 in, Height/Depth: .016 in

Horizontal Spans

.08 in

Holes & Openings

.02 in

Connecting & Moving Parts

.03 in

Escape Holes

.04 in

Minimum Features

.008 in

Pin Diameter

.03 in

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