Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

Powdered thermoplastic is precisely fused by a liquid agent and infrared energy. Parts are cleaned of excess powder and ready for use or a higher level finish.

Multi Jet Fusion offers more possibilities for complex, low-cost parts.  Ideal applications are connectors, hinges, brackets, thin-wall ductwork, and housings.  It is also great for producing parts in higher volumes.

Multi Jet Fusion at Midwest Prototyping



Max Build Area:

 14.96in x 11.18in x 14.96in

Lead Time:

1 – 3 Days


Nylon 12


+/- .005 in. for the first inch and +/- .002 in. for each additional inch

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Multi Jet Fusion Materials



Key Characteristics

More Information

Nylon 12 is a sturdy thermoplastic with exceptional physical properties.  

  • Chemical Resistant
  • Good for Snap Fits
  • Heat Resistant
  • High Strength
  • Impact Resistant
  • Rigid
  • UV Stability

Compare Materials

Multi Jet Fusion Finishing Levels





Excess powder removed and lightly bead blasted

Standard finish. Parts have visible layer lines and sandstone texture.


Excess powder removed, lightly bead blasted, and sealed to lessen porosity

Sealed finish. Parts have visible layer lines, sandstone texture, and a slight gloss. Parts have a watertight finish.

2 +

Excess powder removed, lightly bead blasted, and cosmetic surfaces sanded to 180 grit

Functional finish, removes some layer lines. Parts have a light texture from sanding.

Excess powder removed, lightly bead blasted, and smoothed using PostPro3D

PostPro3D equipment is used to perform physiochemical smoothing. Smoothed parts have an air-tight, injection molded like finish


Sealed, primed, or smoothed with PostPro3D and sanded to 320 grit

Near show quality finish, removes layer lines. Parts may have very fine scratches from sanding. Parts are prime and paint ready.

Multi Jet Fusion Resources

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