Material Jetting (MJ)

An ultraviolet-sensitive gel is deposited by a print head then immediately cured by a UV lamp.

Material jetting is a solution for designers who want excellent visual models with an end-product feel.  This technology also allows for multiple materials to be incorporated into one print.  It is good for complex, flexible models.

Material Jetting at Midwest Prototyping



Max Build Area:

19.3 in. x 15.4 in. x 7.9 in.

Lead Time:

1 – 2 Days


Agilus30, Tango Black, Vero Clear, Vero Black+, and Vero White+, other materials may be available upon request.

*Most common materials are listed in bold.


+/- .004 in. for the first inch and +/-.0015 in. for each additional inch

Layer Thickness: 

Layer thickness is .0006 in. for high quality builds and .0012 in. for high speed builds.

Do you have a question about your design or materials that would fit your project? Email one of our Solutions Managers.

Material Jetting Engine Block

Material Jetting Materials



Key Characteristics

More Information

Agilus30 is a photopolymer with excellent flexibility and tear-resistance due to it’s rubber-like qualities.

  • Flexible

Tango Black is a flexible photopolymer that can simulate thermoplastic elastomers with flexible, rubber-like qualities.

  • Elastomeric
  • Flexible

Vero Clear is a transparent photopolymer that simulates acrylic and can be used as an alternate to glass.

  • Clear/ Translucent
  • High Resolution/High Detail
  • Rigid

Vero Family 

Vero Black+ and Vero White+

The Vero Family is a photopolymer offering multi-color applications, strength, and stiffness. Photopolymers may be blended with other photopolymers to vary flexibility, translucency, and heat resistance. 

  • High Resolution/High Detail
  • Rigid

Compare Materials

Material Jetting Finishing Levels





Supports removed

Standard finish, supported surfaces appearing matte and non-supported surfaces appearing glossy. Parts will have slight layer lines.


Part built using matte build settings and supports removed

Standard finish, parts built surrounded in support. All surfaces appear matte. Parts will have slight layer lines.


Supports removed and cosmetic surfaces sanded to 320 grit

Show quality finish, removes layer lines. Parts are prime and paint ready.


Supports removed and cosmetic surfaces wet sanded to 600 grit

High gloss finish, recommended only for plating and optically clear parts (note that clear-coat and light bleaching is necessary for optimal clarity).

* Elastomeric materials can only be finished to Level 1 and Level 2. For a higher quality finish, these materials may be coated in soft touch.

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