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STL Viewers

We recommend viewing your .stl file before sending it to us for a quote. MiniMagics and Solid View Lite are both programs that can be downloaded free to enable you to do so.

SLA Materials

Accura® 25: durable, off-white, PP-like

Accura® 60: rigid, transparent, PC-like

Accura® Xtreme: durable, gray, ABS/PP-like

Accura® Xtreme White 200: durable, white, ABS-like

Accura® Bluestone: Exceptional stiffness, high temperature and humidity resistance; blue-ish

Somos® 8120: semi-flexible, milky white, PE-like

Somos® PerFORM: Exceptional stiffness, high temperature and humidity resistance; white

SLS Materials

Polyamide--PA: low moisture absorption, white, nylon

Glass Filled--GF: temperature resistance, grey, 30% glass-filled nylon

Alulon: machinable, metallic grey, PA & aluminum powder blend

CLIP Materials

Cyanate Ester | CE 221: A strong resin that provides excellent thermal stability

Elastomeric Polyurethane | EPU 40: A general purpose stretchable resin that is elastic over a wide temperature range

Urethane Methacrylate | UMA 90: A rapid production resin used to quickly try out designs and make parts with remarkable detail

Flexible Polyurethane | FPU: A semi-rigid resin with high impact, abrasion and fatigue resistance, ideal for parts requiring a living hinge or a friction fit

Rigid Polyurethane | RPU (Multiple materials available, please specify project requirements): A tough, abrasion-resistant resin that's perfect for parts needing a high strength-to-weight ratio

Epoxy | EPX 80: A general purpose epoxy with high head deflection and abrasion resistance, ideal for automotive, electronic, industrial housings

SLA Finish Levels

Level 1 -- Supports removed, sanded & light bead blast of support faces

Level 2 -- Supports removed, sanded & bead blast entire part

Level 2 + -- Sand to remove layer lines, sand with 180, bead blast entire part

Level 3 -- Sand to 320 removing all accessible layer lines so it's ready to prime/paint

Level 4 -- Sand to 600 wet. Required when parts are to be plated or to enhance transparency (Accura 60).

SLS Finish Levels

Level 1 -- Excess powder removed & lightly bead blasted

Level 2 -- Excess powder removed, lightly bead blasted, sanded & sealed to promote an even surface

Dying various colors

Tumbling for a smooth finish

Paint Levels

For show quality models we recommend a Finish Level 3 for the following paint options: Primer, Paint, Soft Touch, Texture, & Dye.

We recommend a Finish Level 4 for the following paint options: Dye, Lens Quality Clear Coat, & Plating.

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