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Essentium HSE 180 S

What does the essentium hSE 180 s Bring to the table?

Time to part + cost to part = SCALE

Another thing we look at is material. The thing that attracted us to the Essentium HSE 180 S is the speed, short downtime, low maintenance, and open platform for the material. The fused filament also responded incredibly well to our AMT PostPro3D finishing service.  For more information about Fused Filament Fabrication.


In the aerospace industry there is no room for error.  Essentium’s wide range of materials include key characteristics such as chemically-resistant, high-strength and heat-resistant.  This allows engineers to design parts with filaments which are much lighter than alternative metal parts.  

Consumer Goods

From kitchen gadgets and sports equipment to cell phone cases and soles of shoes creativity is key to manufacturing parts.  Essentium is a great choice to create prototypes, molds, and short run production.


Imagine every make of car and model you can think of.  Each of those cars have 1000s of specific and unique parts.  Essentium is a great low cost speedy method of producing all the jigs and fixtures needed to keep next years car efficient, safe and aesthetically pleasing. 


Additive manufacturing is assisting medical healthcare professionals improve patients’ quality of life.  From the production of surgical tools and guides to prosthetic limbs and braces Essentium works with a wide variety of high strength and impact resistant biomedical materials.

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