Design Tips and Tricks For Additive Manufacturing

Download the PDF version of the Midwest Prototype’s In-House Digital Manufacturing Capabilities sheet. With this PDF, you will get a complete overview of the extent of our additive manufacturing capacity.

mwp capabilities mockup resources
High Voltage Inverter Housing line drawing enclosure


Use this guide for creating enclosures with industrial 3D printing that can protect components with a number of applications.

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line drawing box

Living Hinges

Additive manufacturing is a great way to create prototypes, concept models, and get design verification with living hinges.

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resources: Threaded Insert Additive Manufacturing resource

Tapping and Threads

Using tapping and threading in your designs can effectively combine two or more digitally manufactured pieces with screws. 

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Cast Urethane Mold resources

Urethane Casting

Cast urethane produces high-quality, precise, and consistent parts. The molds are low cost and suitable for 20 – 25 reproductions.

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3D Design Printing Manual mockup resources

Download the PDF version of the Midwest Prototype’s 3D Printing Design Manual sheet. With this PDF, you will get the design tolerances for our in-house digital manufacturing technologies.


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