CNC Machining (CNC)

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To ensure we can provide a seamless and fast turnaround for our clients we also offer CNC in-house.  This means we can combine metals and plastics for multi-material prototypes.  

When you need additional options, machining from billet material can be a great solution. If the geometry of the part is conducive to machining, we can use various metals, plastics, tooling board, or wood.  

Our machine shop is well equipped with modern CNC equipment to support prototype builds. We offer 4-axis CNC milling, CNC turning, precision grinding, and a variety of finishing options to meet your specifications.  

CNC Machining

CNC is a subtractive manufacturing technology meaning parts are created from cutting material away from a solid block.  This is a digital technology that uses CAD files to create highly accurate parts with exceptional physical properties.  


  • CNC milling and turning are both examples of 3-axis machines.  These machines are considered “basic” they allow the cutting tool 3 linear axes: left-right, back-forth and up-down.
  • Multi-axis machines are “basic” machines with enhanced with additional degrees of motion.

CNC Machining

CNC uses a variety of materials from metals, to plastics, and even wood or foam. For a list of the materials we offer in our machine shop pease email us at


CNC Machining

The tolerances for CNC are ± 0.125 mm.

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