Manufacturing Capabilities​

Midwest Prototyping is one of the largest independent US digital manufacturing providers in North America.

We take pride in providing the very best solutions, not just parts, for our clients. Offering a wide range of capabilities, including 6+ technologies, and 40+ materials, our team is ready to help you get your “ideas made.” We are AS9100 D Certified, ISO 9001:2015, and ITAR Registered. Midwest Prototyping works within the automotive, aerospace, consumer products, design, medical, and scientific industries. Our Material Pro database allows materials to be searched by both technology and key characteristics.  If you’re unsure of a material or technology for your project, it is a great tool to narrow down results.  Please contact a Solutions Manager to ensure the material and technology are a perfect fit for your project.

Laser Sintering

A high-powered laser precisely fuses powdered thermoplastic (typically nylon). Parts are cleaned of excess powder and ready for use or higher-level finishing. **Also known as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).

Multi Jet Fusion

A liquid agent and infrared energy precisely fuse powdered thermoplastic. Parts are cleaned of excess powder and ready for use or higher-level finishing.


Ultraviolet-sensitive liquid resins are instantly cured when activated by a high-performance UV laser. Parts are post-processed with additional UV and thermal treatments (when necessary).

Digital Light Processing Hood Rod Clip

Digital Light Processing

A UV projector layer by layer cures Ultraviolet-sensitive liquid resins. After processing, the part is cleaned, supports removed, and then UV and/or thermal treated (if necessary).

Fused FIlament Fabrication part

Fused Filament Fabrication

The thermoplastic filament is melted through a heated nozzle and selectively extruded, building layer upon layer. After building, supports are removed.

Material Jetting Engine Block

Material Jetting

A print head deposits an ultraviolet-sensitive gel then immediately cured by a UV lamp.

Cast Urethane

A liquid plastic is poured into a "soft" silicone mold and then cured in a vacuum chamber.

3D Scanning

3D scanning uses a laser to capture the shape of physical objects to create a CAD file of the object for the computer. This technology is a great way to reverse engineer parts.

Finishing and Post Processing

There are many options for finishing and post-processing your professional models, prototypes, and end-use parts.

Download the PDF version of the Midwest Prototype’s In-House Digital Manufacturing Capabilities sheet. With this PDF, you will get a complete overview of the extent of our additive manufacturing capacity.


Are you ready to get your ideas made?

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