New Additions to our Automated Post-Processing Department

Line drawing for AMT's Automated Post-Processing Fleet
PostProDP Pro De-powdering system AMT automated post-processing department

PostProDP Pro

Midwest Prototyping is proud to introduce the latest addition to the AMT’s additive manufacturing automated post-processing lineup. The PostProDP Pro is a de-powdering system. This system was developed to bridge the gap between parts coming out of powder-based technologies such as Laser Sintering and HP’s Multi Jet Fusion and the vapor smoothing PostPro3D.

Postpro3D automated post-processing department


Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) has developed the next step in the digital manufacturing world, an automated finishing solution.  The Postpro3D not only offers an ultra-smooth finish it boosts no loss to tensile strength, increased elongation at break, and less porosity.  Midwest Prototyping has found this technology so handy we have a whole fleet ready to speed up your post-processing and finishing needs.  We’ve found our clients are extremely happy with the results and the automation helps us build and finish more quality parts in a shorter timeframe.   

How can automated post-processing be used to finish your next project?  Give us a call at (608) 437-1400 or send us an email at We look forward to helping get your ideas made.

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