Line Drawing of AMT's PostPro3D


Why Are We So Impressed With Postpro3D? The PostPro3D produces injection molded-like surfaces for Laser Sintering and Multi Jet Fusion. Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) has developed the next step in the digital manufacturing world, an automated finishing solution.  The Postpro3D not only offers an ultra-smooth finish it boosts no loss to tensile strength, increased elongation at break, and less …

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Medtronic is Magnifying Sales with AM

Founded in 1949, Medtronic is a global leader in medical device technology to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life for millions worldwide. They are people-centered and data-driven to build the best-personalized healthcare and are committed to accelerating access to healthcare technology, advancing inclusion, diversity, equity, and protecting the planet. Being able to demonstrate product features to …

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Essentium Machine Line Drawing resource

Essentium HSE 180 S

Time to part + cost to part = SCALE Another thing we look at is material. The thing that attracted us to the Essentium HSE 180 S is the speed, short downtime, low maintenance, and open platform for the material. The fused filament also responded incredibly well to our AMT PostPro3D finishing service for more information …

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Face Shields to Help Medical Staff During COVID-19

Amid all the turmoil surrounding the pandemic COVID-19, we realize how important our community is.  Midwest Prototyping has partnered with design firm Delve and the University of Wisconsin – Madison Makerspace to create a face shield to help combat the shortage.  We’ve dedicated several of our AM technicians and office personnel to this project and are further refining the …

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Line Drawing of AMT's PostProDP

New Additions to our Automated Post-Processing Department

PostProDP Pro Midwest Prototyping is proud to introduce the latest addition to the AMT’s additive manufacturing automated post-processing lineup. The PostProDP Pro is a de-powdering system. This system was developed to bridge the gap between parts coming out of powder-based technologies such as Laser Sintering and HP’s Multi Jet Fusion and the vapor smoothing PostPro3D. PostPro3D Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) …

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