Manufacturing Capabilities

From one of the largest independent US digital manufacturing providers.

Midwest Prototyping takes pride in providing the very best for our clients. We offer a wide range of capabilities, including 6+ technologies, 40+ materials, and a fantastic team ready to help you get your “ideas made.” We are AS9100 D Certified, ISO 9001:2015, and ITAR Registered. Midwest prototyping works within the automotive, aerospace, consumer products, design, medical, and scientific industries. To contact us with questions or for a quote, please email or call us.

Laser Sintering Part capabilities

Laser Sintering

Powdered thermoplastic (typically nylon) is precisely fused by a high-powered laser. Parts are cleaned of excess powder and ready for use or higher level finishing. **Also known as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Laser sintering can be used to create tough, geometrically complex components for manufacturing. Following vapor smoothing, these production parts are water-tight, air-tight, heat resistant, strong, and easy to reproduce. Nylon also offers the possibility of producing living hinges and flexible end-use parts and can be easily dyed in a variety of colors.

Multi Jet Fusion

Powdered thermoplastic is precisely fused by a liquid agent and infrared energy. Parts are cleaned of excess powder and ready for use or higher level finishing.

Multi Jet Fusion offers more possibilities for complex, low-cost parts.  Ideal applications are connectors, hinges, brackets, thin-wall ductwork, and non-cosmetic housings.  It is great for industries that need on-demand production. 

Multi Jet Fusion Part capabilities
Multi Jet Fusion Part 2 capabilities
Stereolithography Part capabilities


Ultraviolet-sensitive liquid resins are instantly cured when activated by a high-performance UV laser. Parts are post-processed with additional UV and thermal treatments (when necessary).

Stereolithography is an extremely fast and highly accurate process used most commonly for form and fit prototypes, master patterns, and large concept models.  This combined speed and design freedom in stereolithography enables rapid iteration for new product development.

Digital Light Processing

Ultraviolet-sensitive liquid resins are cured by a UV projector layer by layer. After processing, the part is cleaned, supports removed and then UV and/or thermal treated (if necessary).

Digital light processing is a fantastic option for designers and engineers that require high detail and finish in a variety of production-grade materials with different durometers and characteristics, from silicone to high-temp cyanate ester.  Good for small end-use parts, light metal part substitutions, functional, high-detail prototypes, jigs, and fixtures.

Digital Light Processing Hood Rod Clip capabilities
Fused FIlament Fabrication part capabilities

Fused Filament Fabrication

The thermoplastic filament is melted through a heated nozzle and selectively extruded, building layer upon layer. After building, supports are removed.

An industry standard, fused filament fabrication is a process that provides engineers and designers numerous material options with our open machine platform.  Durable, rigid, single-color parts with moderate detail are good for check fixtures, specialized tools functional prototypes, and end-use parts.

Material Jetting

An ultraviolet-sensitive gel is deposited by a print head then immediately cured by a UV lamp.

Material jetting is an impeccable solution for designers who want realistic models with end-product feel.  Material jetting allows for multiple materials to be incorporated into one printing.  Good for complex, flexible models. 

Material Jetting Engine Block
Black Bellow Post-processed by PostPro3D
Black Bellow before Post-processing by PostPro3D

Finishing and Post Processing

There are many options for finishing and post processing your professional models, prototypes, and end-use parts.

Finishing and post processing options at Midwest Prototyping include full-colored, painted, tinted dyed, clear finishes, electroplated (copper, nickel or chrome), ink transfers, sandblasted finishes, laser engraved logos, and vinyl graphics.

40+ Materials

We carry a wide range of materials that can be used for many applications.

Our Materials Pro database allows materials to be searched by both technology and key characteristics.  If you’re unsure of a material or technology for your project it is a great tool to narrow down results.  Please contact a Solutions Manager to make sure the material and technology is a perfect fit.


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