Objet / Polyjet (Material Jetting)

Additive manufacturing process that jets a photopolymer onto a build platform, then cures it with a UV lamp.

 Polyjet printing is a great solution for single and multi-material visual prototypes

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Polyjet (Material Jetting) 

The material jetting process builds 3D models with a movable print head that jets photopolymer onto a build platform. UV light passes over the jetted photopolymer which cures the material, solidifying each layer as it builds. This process is repeated layer by layer until the model is complete. Materials of different colors and/or durometers can be deposited in the same part if desired to simulate overmolded parts.

Build Specs

Offering fine layer resolution and variable durometer materials, our polyjet machines provide the capacity and capability to bring your next prototyping project to life. 


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Polyjet Materials

The polyjet process offers a diverse range of materials to complement its wide-variety of uses. Each material offers distinct advantages best suited for rubber-like, clear, or high detail projects. To see the polyjet materials we currently offer, click the link below. 

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Polyjet Tolerances

Parts are produced with an accuracy of +/- .004" for the first inch and +/-.0015" for each additional inch. Part geometry, wall thickness, and build orientation can have an effect on tolerances.  Please let us know if you have critical dimensions that need to be met.