3D Scanning Technology

What is 3D scanning technology?

3D laser scanning uses a line of laser light to capture the shape of physical objects.  This technology is a non-contact and non-destructive way to capture the object’s exact size and shape and creates a 3D digital copy of the object on a computer.   The process is very fast, gathering up to 750,000 points per second, and equally as precise, measuring to ±.0005″.  Once the 3D digital copy is made the object can be reverse-engineered and modified in CAD.

3D Scanning at Midwest Prototyping

We have invested in Creaform’s HandySCAN Black, a highly-capable portable 3D scanner that allows us to get extremely accurate detailed scans of any part.  This technology can help solve quality issues and move from design and prototyping into production quickly.  

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